Monday, January 9, 2012

Wicked Pissa Saturdays

We're overnighting Ipswich clams straight from the Fish Market in Massachusetts just for the Pat's game this Saturday. That's the freshest catch flown straight to Key West. Know any other bars in town that do that?

And you're not just here for your good looks. Eat! Enjoy a bucket of beer and pissas special. The farther Pat's get the more fresh Ipswich clams you can expect.

In Ipswich's wild and beautiful coastal areas, clammers dig them from the flats by hand using simply a clam rake and a strong back -- just as they have for hundreds of years. These sweet softshell clams are beyond compare, traditionally steamed and served with their own clam broth. If you've never prepared this delicacy at home, it's very easy. We'll enclose foolproof directions for preparing your clam feast. Try steaming your clams in white wine or beer for a different taste.  From the Ipswich Fish Market Site (so's the pic)

Yes, we love you guys.

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