Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Island Dogs Featured Drink: Endless Summer

In anticipation of the official beginning of summer (not that it isn't always pretty much summer in Key West), here's the tried and tested recipe to Endless Summer, one of our signature Island Dogs drinks.

Feel free to try and test it at home. Of course, if you'd rather have one of our bartenders make it for you, we'd love to liquor you up. That is, if you're not driving or operating machinery or reading the news live at 8...

Endless Summer

Absolut Mango
Lime juice (fresh squeezed optional)
Simply syrup
Mango puree with a float of cranberry (it sets like the sun)

Nommy, right?

Now, here's some music you can sip it to. For them 80s babies...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things that make us blush

From hellinahandbasket.net
Spotted on our FB wall...

From Brandi Buzinski:
"We come to Key West 1-2 times a yr & just discovered the joy of Island Dogs (though we're not sure the "joy" is supposed to be for non-locals). Tammy is a large part of what made our experience so good. This is the only bar we re-visited. Kudos!!!"

And Budd Buzinski:
"I will agree with Brandy, wife, this was a very clean and well designed establishment. Our pops, Brandy's, is a VERY picky dude and absolutlely loved it there. We can't wait for our next adventure to K-Dub next year with the Island Dogs in our sites!!!!!! Keep it real and keep it fresh."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Island Dogs Featured Drink: Skinny in the City

The 'New Cosmo': Skinny in the City
There's no reason, in this day and age (as grandma would say before swigging the whiskey) to not have your cake and eat it to.

Which is to say, one should be able to imbibe and worry a little less about those calories.

And that's where Island Dogs comes in.

We figured we'd share a recipe with you guys of one of our more popular drinks: The Skinny In the City. It's only 64 calories, with no sugar and no carbs.

Do try this at home. And don't say we never gave you anything. Especially on a Monday!


Absolut Rasberry
Raspberry Pomegranate Skinny Water 

Mix as strong as you'd like and serve in a martini glass, chilled.

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