Monday, April 11, 2011

We love us some festie!

Lee Brice = Total hotty
Just in case you weren't convinced that Island Dogs is rocking even harder since GM Dave Thibault took the helm, take a gander at this:

We're one of those "most popular watering holes and hot spots" hosting artists for Key West's Songwriters' Festival.

*pauses to sip mid-afternoon beer*

(Sorry, we're having a case of the Mondays--easy to remedy when you work at a bar. A blessing, I tell ya.)

On Saturday, April 30, these top-notch artists will take to the IDB stage:
  • Lee Brice
  • Jeff Clark
  • Megan Linville
  • Morgan Myles
  • Ruth Collins
  • Adam Ryan
  • Laura Washauer
  • Nick Norman
  • And the Better Angels Music Songwriters
Yes, yes. Wipe up your country-flavored drool and take a listen to Lee Brice singing "More Than a Memory", the hit song he wrote for Garth Brooks, before you see him live at IDB. Because you're coming, right? :)

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